Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Premonitions or demons of yesterday;

Words fall short when mind's astray;

Unsettling silence, the noise shakes me up inside;

It's your smile that gets me through this horrid night

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wishing you the best that life can offer

Too often we ignore things, only to repent later if we had taken the other road;
If only we had paid heed to that voice;
Care, love, affection, and concern, turning a blind eye to all of these;
So busy facing my own daemons, and failing to realize that someone wants to help;
Someone wants to hold my hand, and take me far away ..from my past..
Someone wants to take my pain, and in return give me peace, if not joy...
Adamant, ignorant, and careless once...destitute, empty, and barren now...
Time doesn't go back, it just kills you slowly in a subtle way..
Leaving you with nothing, but a big "What if" and "Wish i had"...

Here i stand...tardy as ever...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

..... (no title) - cud not think of one

Generation after generation we evolve

Yet we find ourselves somehow stuck at the same point in time,

failing to let go of our pride,

and making the next gen the scapegoats of today !!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Waking up to the ringing bells, trying to hold on to those fading hands;
Catching myself short of breath, finding myself in some distant land;
Tired of staring at the horizon, wondering if these walls would ever break;
Strolling across the yellow fields, imagining how things once were;
Running around in circles, laughing till we hit the ground;
Incognizant of the ominous winds; we once shone like the amber;

Dropping dead on bruised knees, trying to hold on to those fading hands;
Still chasing the vivid butterflies, this is the fleeting glance of my life;
Gazing from the corner of eyes; reminiscing through the wounds that never heal;
Picking each memory that lay scattered somewhere in my mind;
Deluding myself with vain hopes and wishes; hoping to find the missing pieces in the rubble;
 To go back in time;

Spaces, empty spaces, where children once cried;
Left with just a black hole to fill the void;
Wishing if I had left the crowd and stayed behind;
Echoes that still come back to haunt, illusions that make me blind;
Apprehending the creeping time;

Home, once stood there my home.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Black OR White

Why is not as simple as black or white?

What's relative? What's absolute?

Maybe, it is the absolute fact that everything is relative?

Like snow flakes, happiness falls,

With rays of sun it dissolves,

Like it was yesterday, when they first met,

Ages, till they meet from now;

Like a forgotten smile everything looks;

maybe with tears, that he struggles to hold; it would all come back;

words on stone, a few drops of monsoon;

Black OR White;

manifested thoughts !!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Look now,
What I have done to myself,
Standing here thinking about the things that I did to you;
Just wanted to follow my heart,
Did not want to be lonely that night;
Oh no,
But that breaks your heart, and
Leaves you with nothing but to leave me,
And I have nowhere else to go;
Look now,
How you push me to the edge,
Thinking I will be able to sort all my sorrows,
Baby, I am not blind;
I know all your moves,
You could see into my eyes;
Look now,
Look at us now.

Monday, 22 December 2008


On a cross road, stuck for eternity,
Pleonastic sorrows and joys encompassing thy history;
A vagabond for life; yearning for things that miss me
Alone thy come, alone thy flee
Life – With all your intricacies,
Are you a simple muse, or some heavy mockery!!